Contractors & Construction Industry Insurance Coverages

CGI offers a variety of construction industry insurance coverage right from individuals to business entities. Amongst the categories that are covered by the comprehensive covers of CGI Agency include:
Contractors General Liability Insurance
 CGI Agency offers clients General Liability Insurance (GL) that protects clients from numerous claims including bodily injuries, property damage, personal injuries and losses that may arise from business operations. We offer this cover to contractors through the Progressive Commercial Advantage Program instead of Business owner policy (BOP) which is also part of GL.
CGI offers contractors General liability insurance without extra coverage via BOP because of the Progressive commercial advantage program. In addition, contractors are offered blanket additional insurance cover that extends their existing liability insurance to other entities as required by some contracts with employers.

Professional Liability Insurance

CGI Agency offers clients Professional Liability Insurance also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance. The policy indemnifies on behalf of insured contractors all sums which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages by reason of liability arising out f any negligent act, mistake, errors or omissions in the rendering of professional services. It also encompasses failure to render professional services for others in the insured capacity. CGI additionally provides reasonable legal defence cost over and above selected policy limit; contractors can hence enjoy this policy if they subscribe on to it.

Liability Insurance covering Officers/Directors
CGI Agency provides officers/directors Liability insurance that offers coverage to past and future directors and officers for losses arising room out of a claim made against them or which they have not been indemnified the corporation they are serving. In addition to this, CGI agency offers corporate reimbursement which provides coverage to the parent corporation for the amounts lawfully paid by I to indemnify a director or officer for losses resulting from a claim against him/her.
Employers Practice Liability Insurance
CGI Agency also provides employment practice liability insurance (EPLI) that covers wrongful acts from the employment process. Policies that are covered under this insurance are sexual harassment and employees’ discrimination among others. The policy additionally covers defamation, invasion of privacy, failure to promote, negligent evaluation and deprivation of career opportunity. Amongst other groups of people covered in an organization are directors and officers, management personnel and employees as insured.
Builder’s Risk Insurance
CGI Agency is dedicated to meeting the property insurance needs of the construction industry. Clients are provided with unique coverage for both commercial contractors and custom homebuilders. Through CGI Agency, independent agents can gain access to the CGI Agency Builders Risk insurance plan without obtaining an appointment with the CGI Agency small business unit.

Contractor License Bonds

Contractors are required to post some form of security with the contractors’ state license board in order to obtain the contractor license. In this case, License is the most common form of security since they are required on a project basis by federal or state government agencies. These bonds are required by general contractor and construction managers for private work as well. CGI Agency offers this contractor bond that includes various bond like bid bonds, performance bonds and payment bonds.